Patrice Cromwell, Crown Prince of the Masons

The vain Crown Prince wielded untold magical ability..


Handsome and fair, Patrice was nonetheless a sturdy and imposing warrior. Standing nearly two meters tall with flowing blonde hair, Patrice was the envy of many fathers and slayer of many hearts.


The first son of Lord Dominic Cromwell and Lady Sadalia, Patrice was schooled from an early age by the most trusted of Cromwell’s legion of Inquisitors: High Inquisitor Wayland, to whom Patrice looked up to. Truly, Patrice’s progress in learning the ways and rituals of the Masons was nothing less than exemplary and by the age of eleven he was already inducted into the beginnings of the priesthood. His warrior training never lagged far behind and Patrice soon came to dominate his dueling partners.

Inquisitor Wayland detected Patrice’s talent for the magical arts from an early age, but upon hitting puberty Patrice’s talents began to grow exponentially. Only with intense training and ritualization was Wayland able to keep Patrice’s potency directed and under control, but where Wayland saw a gift bestowed by the angelic patrons of the Masonry, a thorn began to dig into Patrice’s soul, nurtured by a force whose name had been lost to time: the fourth god of Chaos, the lord of excess and vanity: Slaanesh.

Slaanesh subtly guided Patrice’s abilities and soon began to reflect his good looks and talents as a means of glorifying only himself and not those who had helped him grow. Within a year, Slaanesh’s hold on Patrice was total, yet Slaanesh remained sly and patient. Wayland, blinded by his love and respect for the boy he had essentially raised, remained blind to the monster that grew within the prince. It was Patrice, through some backhanded deals and skullduggery, that facilitated the “re-surfacing” of the tome “Artefactes of Moste High and Regale Visimillitude”. In truth, the book was penned by the agents of Slaanesh. Suggesting that daemonic incursions from the Warp into the Material Plane could be silenced by the collection of certain ancient artifacts, Wayland was quick to dispatch any and all of his agents to beseech the holders of said artifacts to bequeath them to the protection of the Regency.

Each artifact was eventually secured for transport, no other kingdom suspect such pieces held any import to the ruinous powers that fester beyond our reality. So it was, while Wayland and his Gallery of High Inquisitors prepared the final rites to receive and destroy the artifacts detailed within the false tome of Slaanesh’s making, Crown Prince Patrice under the guidance of the Chaos God conducted the sacred rite to bring about Slaanesh’s rebirth. With the slaughter of Wayland and the Gallery, Slaanesh’s birth was assured. Bursting out of the chest of the Crown Prince, Slaanesh delighted in being gifted such a handsome body to craft its new form from.

Patrice Cromwell, Crown Prince of the Masons

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