Inquisitor Wayland

High Inquisitor of the Masonry


A wizened older man with a spring in his step and a burning fire in his eyes.


Passionate and brilliant, Wayland served the Inquisitorial Squads from a young age, earning great renown for his ability to root our daemonic corruption throughout the Masonic Lands while maintaining the peace at the borders. Inducted into the Gallery of High Inquisitors at the astonishing age of 50, Wayland would come to oversee the entirety of the Masonic Inquisitorial Squads until the birth of the Crown Prince Patrice. From that point on, Wayland was scarcely a step away from Patrice, schooling him in the ways and rituals of the Masons.

It would be Wayland who would put the steps in motion that brought about the resurrection of Slaanesh, enticing not only the Gallery of High Inquisitors but the Lord Mason himself with tales of the power that could be derived from the newly unearthed tome: “Artefactes of Moste High and Regale Visimillitude” which described objects spread across the land which, when assembled, would rebirth the power needed to put down the daemons once and for all. Wayland’s inquisitorial squads sought the objects with all of their power and influence but feared corruption. After locating each of the artifacts and securing their transfer to Masonic Control through any means (murder, money or otherwise), Wayland contracted a large gathering of mercenaries and hirelings to retrieve the artifacts and return them.

Once assembled, Wayland and the other members of the Gallery watched in horror as Crown Prince Patrice used the objects to grant himself celerity and slaughter Wayland and the other High Inquisitors, the ecstasy of slaughter giving re-birth to the Chaos God Slaanesh on the plane of reality. In a final gesture of defiance, it would be High Inquisitor Wayland, mortally wounded, who would remove the cursed Heart of Slaanesh and transfer it to the sorcerer Azkenashi before warping the party away through the dreaded Immaterium to safety.

Inquisitor Wayland

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