Chaos Undivided

Game 1: Prologue

Wherein the adventurers are tasked with collecting a simple artifact by a Masonic Inquisitor

Our story begins in the town of Millbury on the northern shores of the Regency of Masons. Enticed by postings and barspeak of riches and glory, the adventuring company of Farstrider, Ikran, Tesera and Grimlock find themselves surrounded by a bevy of like-minded adventurers, all looking for their cut of Mason gold. While the others listen to the chatter, Ikran carves himself a pointy stick. Eventually, the group approaches the ringleader of the Masonic gathering, Inquisitor Wayland, and receive their particular charge: they are tasked with sailing west on a day’s journey to the lands ruled by the Slann, regularly called lizardfolk in the common tongue. The group slyly convinces the Inquisitor to give them an advance and then, given directions to the dock, the group makes their way to a small schooner piloted by a old captain and a young boy. Without any dalliance, the group sets sail, eager to return with the artifact and receive the rest of their pay.

Farstrider inspects parts of the ship while the rest of the group rests up and prepares, stealing a bit of top shelf liquor the captain hid in the main cabin.

Upon approaching the meeting place designated by the Slann, the group can see fire and mayhem on the shore. A torrent of greasy, bent arrows are volleyed at the ship to little effect. Disembarking into the water, the group struggles to swim onto the beach (save for Ikran) and finds themselves surrounded by slain lizardfolk and attacked by a group of goblins led by a vicious gnoll. The group engages the goblin warband in combat with Tesera and Ikran slaying the gnoll.



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