Before mankind’s seed fell from the stars, peace reigned.

The drives and desires of all those who made Terra their home in the universe balanced each other in the divine plan. Blood in, blood out.

Then, as legends say from a fallen star man arose and from their drive, ambition and capacity for any and all things, Chaos awoke.

This is the world of Warhammer reimagined. The four Gods of Chaos vie not only with each other, but with all of the other denizens of explored Terra. Since the sacrifice of the God-Emperor at the Dawn of the Imperium, the gods of Chaos have been unable to manifest directly onto our plane, held in check by the Great Sacrifice, the workings of which have been lost to time. Everlasting in their desire to conquer the realms of Mankind, agents of Chaos still breed and plot, biding their time until the Immaterium that separates their masters from the rest of reality is bound, beaten or broken.

Smashing endlessly against the great Wall of Silence, the forces of the Blood God Khorne gibber and rage. Orks, ogres, goblins and beastmen stamp their hooves and sharpen their blades while regular raiding parties make all shores nervous.

Rotting on the Southern Continent, the seeds of the pestilent Nurgle fester, letting their sickness spread slowly but surely into the Protectorate of Masons to the West. Warped monstrosities spill putrid liquids from sores that never heal and plague demons drag their fingers through all things pure.

To the north of the Nurgle Lands lay the ever-shifting warped fields of Tzeentch, the Master of Change. Tzeentch’s power grows faster than the other gods as Man is ever more fickle. Sorcerers and diviners twirl in the streets of once great cities now razed and rebuilt like a puzzle from a nightmare.

The final God of Chaos, however, slipped by as if on the tip of the tongue of each and every creature who tried to recall its name or sphere of influence. Pages that may have referred to it seemed cloudy, written in foreign tongues or missing from books altogether. Thousands of years have passed since the God-Emperor of the Imperium sealed away the Gods of Chaos and since that time, no one has been able to recall this fourth God. Most have even come to doubt its existence.

The time is ripe.

Chaos Undivided